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Becky Reitzes

Becky Reitzes, MA

Program Manager for King County’s COVID-19 and Health Equity Training and Capacity Building Program (TCBP)


Becky Reitzes, MA, has been working with Public Health – Seattle and King County (PHSKC) since 2001. Becky is the Program Manager for King County’s COVID-19 and Health Equity Training and Capacity Building Program (TCBP). TCBP provides free presentations, Trainings, Trainings of Trainers, social media, etc. with latest information, resources, and guidance on COVID-19 and the vaccines to KC communities, businesses, schools, and organizations. Our goal is to ensure all communities in King County have the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe and healthy. TCBP also supports, designs, and implements internal King County and community-based initiatives and programming to work towards reducing social determinants of health, decreasing health inequities at their root causes, and supporting communities to thrive. When Becky is not working on COVID-19, she is a Lead Trainer and Educator in Sexual Health Education through PHSKC’S Family Planning Program, where she works to institutionalize sexual health education, sexual violence prevention and Inclusive Schools, Community Agencies and Health Care Centers for LGBTQ+ Communities throughout King County. Becky is a co-author of the evidence-based FLASH sexual health education curriculum, including High School FLASH, which has been rigorously evaluated and found to be an effective, proven program at reducing unintended pregnancy and STDs among young people. Becky is also a co-author of the KNOW curriculum, Washington State’s HIV prevention curriculum and a Master Trainer with the Office of Superintending of Public Instruction. Becky has over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing curricula, Professional Development trainings, community outreach strategies, culturally relevant materials and educating professionals, community members and young people on Sexual Health, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Sexual Violence prevention.