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2023 Early Childhood Anti-Racism and Trauma Book Club Application

This application is closed.


In December as part of the Best Starts for Kids Workforce Development Strategy we had an opportunity to engage with Dr. Ibram Kendi and Dr. Bruce Perry in thought-provoking discussions about being anti-racist in our work and the impact of trauma in early childhood. We are thrilled to extend the passion and enthusiasm from these events to continue in a book club where we will have an opportunity to dive into a book from each of these authors to wonder, reflect and inspire one another.

The two separate Book Clubs will be:

  1. Early Childhood Anti-Racism (author: Kendi) and

  2. Early Childhood Trauma (author: Perry).

The Details:

  • There will be a facilitator for each book club who has expertise in the topic area

  • It will be a 9-10 month commitment

  • One-hour, monthly sessions will take place on a weekday sometime between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (depending on your schedules and the facilitators schedule)

  • We are not able to provide monetary reimbursement for your time

  • Accepted participants will receive a copy of the discussion book if you do not have one

  • You do not need to come with any experience - this is an open time to reflect on what we read and think about ourselves and our work

  • Participation in the December 2023 speaker series is not a requirement for this activity (Enter "N/A" in Application Question #2 if you did not attend the speaker series) 

This exciting opportunity for connection and learning is open to anyone who works with pregnant moms, infants, little kids and their families in King County. You can expect to hear from us by March 31st, 2023 about your application.

Space is limited so please complete your application by March 24th, 2023. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Diana de la Lanza at