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2023 IECMH Reflective Consultation Groups

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health


What is reflective consultation?

The goal of our Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Strategy at Best Starts for Kids is to improve social and emotional outcomes for children – prenatal to five - in King County. Best Starts wants children to be happy, healthy, safe, and thriving. We can achieve this goal by providing support to service providers who support the caregivers while also holding the babies in mind. Reflective Consultation will be the glue that connect you, your work, and your experiences to the families and to the community through a reflective approach.


Reflective Consultation Groups are voluntary opportunities for guided support to enhance the reflective practice – the ability to explore the thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, motivations, and intentions behind the work as early childhood providers. In these brave spaces, participants will better understand themselves as service providers and explore the impact of systemic inequities, implicit biases, power and privilege, social justice, and generational trauma on their families and on themselves. In community with colleagues, participants can find support and share connection, gather wisdom, share experiences, and nurture their well-being as real-life cases are presented and discussed in the group. Through reflective consultation, service providers will increase their awareness and deepen their understanding of the lived experiences of the children and families they support.

Who should apply?

Agencies serving King County children (prenatal to five) & families who are NOT currently receiving reflective consultation through Best Starts for Kids.

What can my agency expect if we are selected to participate?

  • Groups will be supported at no cost to your agency
  • Groups are projected to begin after January 2024
  • Agencies must be open to receiving reflective consultation for at least 1 year
  • Participants will be expected to consistently attend and actively engage in group sessions
  • Group discussions will be centered on real-life cases
  • Groups will take place virtually

Are these groups offered in different languages?

Yes! We have reflective consultants who speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, and American Sign Language. 

*Note: Applications must be completed by the director or executive leadership representative on behalf of their agency.