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Innovation Supports Workshop Series

Capacity Building

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This is a 4-part series. 

Best Starts is excited to introduce the 2023 Innovation Supports Workshop series to support our partners in building sustainable and innovative programs that promote equitable outcomes and positive change for babies, children, families and communities. Initial program design and development will be defined throughout the workshop series. Following each large group workshop, program teams can begin drafting each key program element to support the implementation and ongoing learning and improvement of their innovative program.

2023 Innovation Workshop Series 2

1. Introducing the IDEAS Impact Framework™ – July 18, 2023

Join a welcoming space for partners to come together in community, to build relationships, and get to know the Innovation Supports Team. We will introduce a framework which can support a continuous process of responsive program development, implementation, and learning; and support understanding of the key elements and guiding values of which the framework is built upon.

2. Theory of Change – August 15, 2023

Learn how to document your program innovation's Theory of Change to create a shared and deepened understanding of critical activities, the program story, and how the program works to advance equity.

3. Program Materials + Practice Profile – September 14, 2023

 Get support to build a clear blueprint of your program, with the tools and materials needed, to ensure program elements are based on community input and best practices and can best meet the needs of your communities.

4. Evaluation – October 18, 2023

Building on the progress made in previous workshops, we will create evaluation tools for your program to continuously reflect on program progress, make adjustments to better support children and families, communicate program successes, and identify areas for growth.

Who should join this workshop series?

Individuals are highly encouraged to join this workshop series with at least one other individual to form a program team. This team will lead all aspects of program design and development, including drafting all program elements (e.g. theory of change, materials, and evaluation plan, etc.).

Eligible participants include:

  • Individuals who are part of a program team participating in Innovation Supports through the P-5 Community Designed Home-Based Services and Help Me Grow strategies will be prioritized for registration.
  • Individuals in King County who are involved in designing and developing programs serving infants, young children, and their families prenatal to five. 

What can program teams expect from this opportunity?

  • 4 large group workshops, workshops include:
    • Active participation and group activities within innovation design teams 
    • Connections and shared learning across participating programs
    • Time in program teams to begin planning for each program element (theory of change, practice profile, materials, evaluation, etc.)
  • 4 post workshop activities led by an Innovation Supports facilitator to support drafting each program element in between workshops *

*Post workshop facilitated activities are prioritized for program teams in the BSK Community Designed Home-Based Services and Help Me Grow strategies. Other participating teams may request facilitation to be offered as capacity allows.

All large group workshops will be provided virtually. Final start and end times will be confirmed ahead of each workshop date. If requested, there may be flexibility for post workshop activities and follow-up meetings to be held in-person.

Registration closes June 16th 2023