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*IN PERSON* Honoring our Bodies and Collective Healing: Moving from Burnout to Sustainability

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

September 27, 2024 19 spots available
September 28, 2024 37 spots available


This workshop is available on two dates:

  • September 27, 2024
  • September 28, 2024

The content for this workshop will be the same on both dates, so please only register for 1 of the available dates.

Please join us for an enlightening workshop: "Honoring our Bodies and Collective Healing: Moving from Burnout to Sustainability," specifically designed for infant and early childhood service providers, managers, and home visitors. As IECMH providers, we understand the unique challenges you face in your daily work with young children and families. We acknowledge your important role and dedication to making a positive impact on their lives. This interactive training integrates time-honored cultural healing practices, such as mindfulness meditation, with opportunities for connection and creative expression to address burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. 

Participants will explore risk and protective factors while embracing self-awareness and embodiment with an emphasis on holistic healing modalities. We will delve into the impact of burnout on the quality of care provided to infants, young children, and their families, and how sustainable practices can enhance the well-being of both service providers and the families they serve. The session will emphasize the importance of connection, parallel processes, and the role of individual and collective care in fostering resilience. 

We will highlight the significance of nurturing healthy relationships and secure attachments between caregivers and young children as a foundation for mental health and development. Together, we will embcaark on a journey towards well-being and post-traumatic growth, equipped with practical strategies and a deeper understanding of the interplay between our bodies, minds, and collective healing for all. By prioritizing our own well-being, we can better support the mental health and development of the infants and young children in our care. 

We look forward to your participation in this transformative workshop and to supporting you in your journey towards sustainability in the field of infant and early childhood mental health. 

STARS credits are offered for this workshop.